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The IWOM Hunting Parka System transitions from a Carry Bag, to a Parka, to a full body hunting suit & scent containment system. The IWOM wraps up neatly in its own integrated carry bag that allows hands free portability, eliminating the need for hunters to wear heavy insulated clothing while walking to their favorite spot. Within seconds the IWOM unwraps to a hunting Parka. Finally, when needed, the lower section of the IWOM can be deployed from the waist, containing your legs and feet for all day warmth and scent containment.


  • Premium Insulation
  • Handwarmer Pocket
  • Integrated Facemask
  • Zip-Close Bottom
  • Breathable
  • Windproof
  • SmartSilver Scent Management
  • Water resistant

Compare to the IWOM XT

How to size your IWOM Body Suit: Take your barefoot height and the size of your hunting jacket that you currently use to layer under. Once you have those two sizes, go to the corresponding selection to choose the best fit for you.

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If you need help being sized please give us a call at 814-272-5400  9am-5pm ET M-F or Email info@iwomouterwear.com

Most hunters choose the IWOM when comparing the features and functionality to the heater body suit.


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